Dempsey Therapy

Some of Dempsey’s on-going treatments are listed below:

  • Dempsey attends weekly NDT physio sessions, hydro, occupational and speech therapy.
  • The Botox treatment Dempsey received in 2016 and 2017 was a huge success. This will be an on-going treatment that the neurologist will use as-and-when his muscles spasm to relieve Dempsey’s pain.
  • Dempsey needs his hips checked regularly. Progressive hip displacement leading to dislocation can result in severe pain as well as impaired function and quality of life.
  • Dempsey got his AFO’s (foot splints) in 2017 and our aim is to do a lot of weight bearing exercises. The recent standing frame he received and TheraTogs will greatly assist his postural alignment.

We are investigating different options with regards to a bathing seat and a chair for sitting which will definitely be a long-term investment in getting Dempsey where he needs to be.

To give Dempsey a fighting chance at a normal life Dempsey will continue seeing his neurologist, feeding specialist, dietician, ophthalmologist and rheumatologist on a regular basis to monitor his progress.

The cost for visiting these specialists can get quite hefty and we really need your help!

Dempsey has always been a fighter and we would like to assist him in receiving the best medical care available.